There are so many web sites that are available over the net.

Millions of visitors are visiting so many sites each day. There must be a tool which can give you exact numbers of visitors, which can measure the success of your web site over the net. Web analytics provides you the answer to every question. It is the tool which helps in evaluating the success of your website.

The tool helps each and every SEO Company San Diego. It helps any SEO Company in getting some of important information about the site like measuring number of visits per day or per month, the pages that visited most of the times, how much time the visitors spending on your site, sources that are directed visitors to your site, number of unique visits in your site and much more. Like these questions Web Analytic provides the answer of so many other questions.

SEO-San Diego one of the best professional SEO Company San Diego provides the full details of the tool and the best output also. Now if we talk about the Web Analytic, web analytic always help in knowing the behavior of the visitors or customers. Web Analytic also have two technologies server log file analysis and page tagging.

Page tagging and Server log file both analyses the visitors of your site.

There is a little bit of difference in both technologies. Server log file helps one to get to know the exact figure of requests being made by the customer or visitor to the web server. But now it has become the difficult method as some more features have been added in this technique. Each and every professional SEO Company might be working on this technique. In the page tagging, the cookies were assigned to each and every user to find out the number of unique visits to your site. We can take the example of Google analytic for page tagging. So with the help of this awesome web analytics, we can easily analyze the site.

SEO-San Diego always uses this tool and evaluates the site and does the require changes of contents and other things of the site.

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