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We are proud to present our specialized loudspeaker processing software designed with audiophiles and serious loudspeaker afficionados in mind. Our goal in developing these tools was the highest reproduction quality attainable given a loudspeaker- be it a traditional passive or advanced digitally processed active design.

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The Phase Arbitrator is a digital signal processor that alters the phase relations of the material it processes without affecting its frequency content. If dialed in correctly the phase response of the Phase Arbitrator is a mirror image of the phase response introduced by the playback loudspeaker's crossovers. This results in proper alignment of frequencies in the time domain, or Transient Perfectness. Read more about it here.

The Frequency Allocator is a 2 in- 8 out DSP crossover laid out as a series of individual IIR biquad LP and HP filters with parametric EQ section, delay, polarity and output gain per leg. It lets the user dial in highly customized crossover curves up to 42dB/oct and beyond. It is preceded by a full Phase Arbitrator section, so that any active loudspeaker using the Frequency Allocator as a crossover can be made transient perfect as well. Read more about it here.

The Frequency Allocator Light is a simplified version of the Allocator. It lacks the Phase Arbitrator section, but it still allows for dialing in of highly customized crossovers. It exhibits very low latency and low CPU loads that make it ideal for use with loudspeakers in a Home Theater setup. Multiple instances can be run simultaniously for a very advanced surround sound system. Read more about it here.

All of these processors are VST compatible (Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology) for use in ever expanding array of professional sound editing programs, but come with their own VST host- called VSTShell. VSTShell relies on ASIO compatible hardware for inputs and outputs. Users with no ASIO compatible cards can use third party VST hosts that are capable of utilizing generic Windows sound cards. A recommended solution is the Console.

Winamp Allocator Output is a free plugin that allows use of Frequency Allocator from within Winamp Media Player. It's an elegant solution for owners of ASIO sound cards that can't route audio internally. More about it here.

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