Black Friday and Christmas Sale

Black Friday special- 1 day only. See Shop Page for special pricing.
Also, Christmas special pricing until Dec 25th- after Friday.

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Winamp Wrapper for Allocator
After a rather lenghty development process we are very excited to announce the availability of the Winamp Allocator Output Ver 1.0.
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New versions 1.0.15 and 1.09
We are happy to announce the newest revisions of our programs.
The current version of Frequency Allocator and Frequency Allocator Light is 1.0.15.
The current version of the Phase Arbitrator is 1.09.
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Thuneau.com is proud to offer a new breed of DSP audio processing geared specifically toward playback systems. Our Phase Arbitration process turns ordinary loudspeakers into ones that perform properly in time domain. Read more about the Phase Arbitrator and its operation here.


All of our processors run on Windows XP machines equipped with sound cards that have ASIO drivers. Apple Macintosh OS versions will follow soon. Please see the individual products pages for system requirements.

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