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Loudspeaker Frequency Allocator Light
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The Loudspeaker Frequency Allocator Light is a modified version of the Frequency Allocator. It allows for low latency processing by eliminating the Phase Arbitrator section- responsible for about 150 msec of latency hard coded in its algorithm. Frequency Allocator Light is the answer to requests for a high quality DSP crossover for use with video playback systems such as HTPC. It also allows for multiple instances running simultaniously- perfect for fully processing of active surround sound setups. This at an unbelievably low price of $59.00!
A brief list of features:

  1. each DSP crossover leg adjustable from 6dB/oct to 42dB/oct on Low Pass and High Pass side.
  2. 4- band fully parametric equalizer in each leg.
  3. low and high shelving filters in each leg- both switchable between 6dB/oct and 12dB/oct (with q adjustment).
  4. up to 50msec delay in each leg- adjustable in 0.01msec steps (3.4mm resolution).
  5. output polarity switch in each leg.
  6. filter response display.
  7. frequency response data (.frd text file) for each loudspeaker driver can be imported and merged with filter's response.
  8. three zoom levels for viewing of the graphs.
  9. includes a template section for easy dialing in of textbook perfect acoustic crossover curves (when used with frd files)
  10. Fully skinnable- GUI clearly laid out in an xml-like file.
  11. 64bit processing throughout.
  12. Very low CPU usage and low latency.
  13. DSP algorithms individually optimized for SSE instruction sets of multiple processors.

For a better insight into the features and operation of the Allocator Light you can download the User Guide (also included in the demo download).

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